Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A bit of history...

So we lived in the cutest house possible, in the city, and decided, although cute, we no longer wanted to live in the city. I needed a place for a garden and Jay needed to be able to shoot guns. Not redneck at all. So we started looking for a place in the country. Land. To build our "little cabin home on the hill." Ever heard that song? Not redneck at all. So we looked and looked and then one day B said "there's a cabin across the road from us - you can't see it because it's covered in aluminum siding." So we did. This is it.

It was February 2008 - damn cold. The former owner had a raging fire in the stone fireplace. I liked it, but only marginally.

We signed the papers in April and started cleaning the property. It was sort of a mess. And had a few weeds.

We put the Fountain City house on the market and moved into the small house (aka "the Monopoly house") on this property in July 2008. This is the small house.

It's really small. 480 square feet.

So we cleaned the little house up, ran a water line to it (a whole separate post in itself), and moved in.