Sunday, December 19, 2010

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Since you've been gone, the boys have been really busy.

The cabin is completely chinked, the wiring is mostly in, Matthew has almost all of the windows trimmed and there's crap piled everywhere.

The hardwood is down in the addition and Randy and Derek have been busting out awesome carpentry work in the mudroom (the closet and stairway).

The shower tile has been laid in the "man bathroom," doors have been hung, most of the ceiling fans are up, lights are up (and they work!), and the sinks are hung in the upstairs bathroom (the spa).

The pantry doors are up and if you can look beyond the ladder and that big saw thingy, you can see the kitchen sink, cabinets (sans counter top), stove and refrigerator.

So while my hopes have been completely dashed for being in by (this) Christmas, we'll definitely be in by next Christmas.