Wednesday, January 6, 2010


The property hadn't been mowed in some time. It's a little over 4 acres and only about 1/3 of it is in the woods. Jay needed some help with that so he borrowed a tractor and set to cutting the fields. This is him in the pond.

And yes, it actually used to be a pond - about 80-ish years ago.

This is Jay in the back 40 - down by what will become the shooting range.

This first mowing event took about 2 days to accomplish. Hindered mainly by the large amount of turtle-dodging that took place. They love it here.

In June, we realized the water line was cut at the driveway - no water anywhere. We decided to run a new water line from the meter, which was on the opposite side of the property, through the pond, across the driveway and to the small house. Easy-peazy. Rent a ditch witch and knock it out in a couple of hours. Once the line to the house is done, we can get really inspired and run a water line to the garage, to the cabin, and on down to the potting shed. HA!

Two days later, Jay was still trying to complete the line to the small house. Turns out we live on a giant slab of rock - part of the Meads Quarry system. So he dug and struggled with the machine and changed directions 72 times. He finished it up with a pick and a rock bar. Good times.

Now we have water to the small house, but that's it. Somewhere I have pictures of all that excitement. Will post those soon.

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