Sunday, February 14, 2010

Save $1, Spend $200

The boys brought my tub over from Fountain City. They said it was pretty light and easy to maneuver up the temporary staircase. No worries. I assessed the job I have before me.

It ain't pretty. I think it'll look ok in that spot, though.

On another note, the fireplace mantle failed the load test today. This picture sets the stage:

The mantle over the fireplace is a huge log sawed in half - a bit hard to see in this picture, but trust me. Plus, there's a ton of crap currently piled in the area in front of the fireplace due to the construction. Today's objective was to remove those 2 windows at the top. As an added bonus, Jay wanted to salvage the top left window for my potting shed. So he got all the surrounding boards off the window and was ready to pull the left one out. He put the ladder up, propped it on the non-existent window ledge and climbed up there. Oh and, non-existent window ledge? That's key here.

For those of you who don't know Jay, nothing is ever easy. Additionally, rarely does anything go as planned. The window wasn't quite ready to be removed. So he tugged it a bit and did manage to pull it out. At the exact time that he pulled it out, the ladder slipped off that non-existent ledge.

In slow motion, Jay rode the ladder down the side of the cabin holding the ladder with his left hand and that huge window in his right hand. On the way down, the window he was holding hit that log on the top of the mantle and knocked if off. Everything it landed on was smashed to bits. At the same time the log fell, the ladder went through the bottom left window. It was relatively new and we weren't planning on replacing it. Now we have to.

After making sure he was ok, I went inside and took another Xanax.


  1. Did you drill the drain hole yet? I know it would NOT be centered but I'd put it in front of the window not between them. Just saying.

  2. That is essentially where they dropped it. It has not been placed yet. Additionally, post & beam below that we have to take into consideration with placement.

  3. Where has this blog been all my life? I can't help but laugh. It makes me miss Jay. Although it wouldn't hurt for you to put more pictures of him on here. hahahaha
    -Love ya!- Amy

  4. I am laughing with you. Really really hard laughing.