Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Slow Week

You have to be careful around here. If you're bad, you get put in time out.

Matthew got the posts up for my porch and I spent most of today outside and failed to get pictures of them. I'll have to double up next week.

We're still trying to get Fountain City emptied out and we're almost there. We loaded up my Bronco onto the trailer Saturday night and towed it home. The 1966 Bronco was a Christmas present from Jay several years ago. It doesn't run, which should come as no surprise to anyone, so we used the "come along" to get it up on the trailer, in the dark. Then I followed Jay back out to South Knoxville, closely, since the trailer has no lights. He unloaded the Bronco off the trailer this morning and we spent the next several hours doing a combination of pushing and pulling that thing from the garage, around the front of the cabin, through the orchard and back yard, down to the potting shed to it's (most likely) permanent home. No small task.

Luckily that's a photo and not a video because the audio would definitely be NSFW. That's a tow strap on the hood.

Speaking of the orchard (because we drove through it), Jeff Shmerler and I attended a program, at a farm out in Corryton, on raising fruit trees. We learned about chemicals and then we went out into the orchard and observed while the instructor cut the peach and apples trees down to nubbins. I was shocked and amazed at the amount of branches taken off those trees.

So I bucked up today and went out to prune my own peaches and pear trees. This was one of the larger peach trees, "before"

And "after"

Let's hope that sad little tree makes it.

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