Saturday, March 27, 2010

Est. 2009

Naturally, I did not get pictures of Black Mountain. Not only did I not take the camera out of the car, but I failed to put the card back in the camera prior to leaving town. Even if I had taken pictures, I would only have gotten about 4 with the camera's memory. Genius.

I took Tuesday off to sit at the hospital while Mom had surgery. She's minus a gallbladder and evidently feeling tons better because she was immediately back in the greenhouse.

In the afternoon I was able to get a lot done around here since it was so pretty. Got in the bees and did some work there - and they are still thriving. Saw plenty of pollen attached to small bee legs and some capped brood so that's a good sign.

Weeded out some flower beds, cleaned out the greenhouse, planted some seeds, etc.

Today was another pretty day, so we had workers out here doing the piers for the porch and Jay worked on digging the electrical line from the house to the box on the garage. Even using a machine and jackhammer, its still not a pretty sight. Nor an easy job trying to dig 2 feet down through the rock bed that we live on.

While Jay struggled with that, I planted another grape vine and worked out in the orchard clearing grass and debris from around my fruit trees in 3 foot circles.

It's difficult to see the vine, but it's there. And clearing around the trees? No easy task.

The same magicians that completed the support piers for the addition, made some for the porch as well. They also included the awesome cornerstone (made of Tennessee pink marble from Candoro Marble) that the Tugwell-Hann's gave us for Christmas.

If we weren't established before, we certainly are now.

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