Friday, March 19, 2010


Yes, it's almost officially Spring. Tomorrow it will definitely be Spring - and our anniversary. We're taking a day trip to Black Mountain and hopefully I'll have pictures of that next week. Even though that's not why you're here.

And I'm pretty sure it will ONLY be a day trip - not an overnight trip where the kittens might have to stay here and fend for themselves.

In the cabin, Matthew is framing the closet under the stairs and the electricians have been here the past week or so.

That tangley wire mess looks safe.

I took a walk around yesterday (because I still had DAYLIGHT left when I got home from work!) and took just a few photos. I can tell it's Spring by all the signs...

There are somewhat slimy looking critters hiding here and there.

The hollyhocks are coming back.

The willow trees are busting out.

I even just found some nastiness on one of my peach trees that wasn't there in the fall.

I understand it's the signature of a "peach tree borer" and I need to treat it immediately as it could affect the other peaches and possibly the cherries too. A local expert diagnosed it for me.

But I guess the surest and most rewarding sign of Spring, new life, hope, whatever you want to call it, were these guys.

Nothing says "determination" like having to grow your happy self up through a pile of bricks in order to see the sunshine and, from all indication, succeeding!

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