Sunday, May 23, 2010

May 2010

It's been brought to my attention that few people know we have dogs. I spend a lot of space talking about the kittens, so much so that you would think the blog was mostly about the cats and not the house. So, yeah, we've also got 2 dogs.


And Sadie..

She's a little camera shy. Well, that and I'm a crappy photographer.

It occurred to me that I haven't written anything here since the end of April. Now May is almost the meantime, how cute is this festive table?

And these two? How cute are they?

Mother's Day weekend I bought a flat of strawberries and made 3 types of jam and some strawberry/vanilla sauce (for ice cream, pound cake, etc). Jay helped me make jam.

Don't pass out. I was shocked too.

Then we went over to MaryBeth & Brian's one night to have birthday cake with his Grandmother. How precious is this cake?

We rode our bikes home and were greeted by this guy:

He was most likely eaten the next day by the really big snake we found in the flower bed.

Speaking of flowers, May has been a really good month for the flowers.

I've got peaches, pears, and a couple of cherries on the trees...

The garden has gone nuts...

And the bees are keeping very busy...

Jay's been busy too, digging the water and electric lines.

And Jeff came over to help...

They got a lot done. Seriously, they're having to jackhammer through rock.

So, that's been our May - busy.

We're all totally exhausted.

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  1. Those two are so cute! Glad to see you are doing well there on the compound, what with all the trees and flowers and bees and eats. I am impressed. The electrical and water line work looks to be a particularly good neverending Jay project. Please say hello to Jay for me.