Monday, May 31, 2010

The Official Start of Summer

Memorial Day weekend - we're very thankful for our military - past, present, and future.

Summer has officially started for me. After feeding some mountain bikers breakfast, I spent most of Sunday doing more canning - another batch of Strawberry-Vanilla Sauce, just because it's so dang good. That and we eat a lot of ice cream ...

I also tried a Cherry Lemon-Thyme Marmalade. I picked up some cherries at the farmers market and then had to buy 2 more pounds to make the recipe. Initially, I wondered about the logic of buying more fruit at the store when the point for me is to harvest/can what's local.

After having it for breakfast on toast this morning, totally worth the effort and added expense.

I also collected the first haul from the garden - a pile of beets and a couple of squash. Yum.

We took our first canoe trip of the season...

Next time, though, I'll be fine without the thunder, lightning, wind, and rain at the end of the trip.

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